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You cannot do these two things at the same time

I have never been afraid to say what I think or believe and while I try to temper it with kind words and soft eyes

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Is your bottom line a flat-line?

Is your bottom line a flat-line? Time to call 911 and save your business from heart failure!

Your bottom line cannot “afford” to flat-line. A business whose bottom line is consistently “in the red” is in major trouble! A business whose bottom line is in the black but stays steady and shows no increase in sales is also in trouble. A successful business continues to experience increased sales and profits year after year. Your expenses will increase, your profits need to, too!

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Wasn’t that a party?

So it started with an idea, this 10 year celebration of mine, and grew into an extraordinary experience for all who attended! As the guests arrived at Aroma Restaurant, they were greeted with flutes of sparkling wine. We gathered together in the Wine Room, and the laughter flowed as much as the wine did that day!
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