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What if you fall off a turnip truck?

In February of 2008, I had the fabulous opportunity of driving head-on into another car at 90 kms an hour. As most of you know, that ‘accident’ was not the greatest experience for me at the time, but since then I am pleased to report that it has since taught me many valuable lessons.

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What’s it worth to you

“Time Management” – two little words that used to strike fear into my heart because, frankly, I knew I sucked at it. I was the Queen of Wasting Time (especially when I worked from home!). No one could waste as much time as I could wandering from task to task, flitting here, poking on facebook there…it was crazy! And I actually wondered why my practice wasn’t thriving!

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MONEY is not a four-letter word

On Oct 21st, as many of you know, I presented a day-long intensive workshop for health and wellness professionals in London, Ontario. We talked about many, many things that day, but one of the hottest topics was MONEY!

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