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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I love the moment in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy turns to her wee dog and says the classic line, “Gee, Toto. I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” Do you ever find yourself thinking the same thing with regards to your business? Do you make your way to your office, sit down at your computer, pause and wonder, “How the heck did I get HERE?”

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Are you for real?!?

As I move towards celebrating 10 years in private practice, I have to say that to this day, I attribute a great deal of my success to my ability to be “real” with my clients. People can relate to me, they realize that I have “been there, done that,” and they feel comfortable sharing the truth with someone who they feel really “gets them.”

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You know more than you think you do

After 10 years in practice, I can say with confidence that I have been approached to sell, recommend, and capitalize on pretty much every health-related product out there! There have been juices and cleanses, machines with probes and rods, pills with this and that, gems, jewels, lotions, potions, and so much more. The health and wellness industry is inundated with product lines, and every seller has knocked on my door at least once.

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