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Wasn’t that a party?

So it started with an idea, this 10 year celebration of mine, and grew into an extraordinary experience for all who attended! As the guests arrived at Aroma Restaurant, they were greeted with flutes of sparkling wine. We gathered together in the Wine Room, and the laughter flowed as much as the wine did that day!
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I did it in the dark

Despite all odds, I am celebrating 10 years in private practice this month. Ten years! In an industry where many close up shop within mere months and the majority never even get started, I have reached the 10 year milestone. While we have been planning for the celebrations that will take place all this month for some weeks now, the impact of this accomplishment has not quite hit me yet. It’s a professional achievement, yes, but it’s the personal journey that has had the greatest impact on my life.

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The Art of Being Extraordinary

Suzanne Evans, business coach and marketing maven, held a conference in Orlando this spring. She sold t-shirts that said: “I am f***ing extraordinary!” Now, since I am also pretty well known for my own potty mouth, you can bet I wear my shirt with pride!
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