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Where is your Inner Warrior?

The winds of change blow through our lives and our businesses at will. These last few weeks, my own office has born quite the high-velocity winds, let me tell you! And it occurred to me that, in order to see myself through these challenging moments, I relied very heavily on my Inner Warrior. The Way of the Warrior applies to business as it does to life. Allow me to explain…

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Is your bottom line a flat-line?

Is your bottom line a flat-line? Time to call 911 and save your business from heart failure!

Your bottom line cannot “afford” to flat-line. A business whose bottom line is consistently “in the red” is in major trouble! A business whose bottom line is in the black but stays steady and shows no increase in sales is also in trouble. A successful business continues to experience increased sales and profits year after year. Your expenses will increase, your profits need to, too!

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Three things you must do this summer to boost profits

After a while I get a bit tired of hearing the same old refrain from my colleagues about the summer months. “It’s summer. It’s going to be so slow. Everyone is away. No one wants to come in for treatment.” You know why I get so tired of hearing it? Because in my world, it’s simply not true. Today I am going to share with you three simple, tried-tested-and-true ways to boost your profits this summer so you can reap the rewards all year long! I hate double negatives, but the truth is that you simply can’t afford NOT to implement them right away!
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