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Be selfish and serve

At last week’s phenomenal one-day event, the Four Pillars of a Profitable Practice, I am pleased to say that I ruffled a few feathers!

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Take care of your garbage

People ask me all the time: what’s the number one thing you believe every entrepreneur must do to achieve the success they dream of? Well, you’ve heard it before but let me say it again: “Physician, heal thyself.” (Luke 4:23)

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Trust me…


Not long after I first began my studies in homeopathic medicine some 13 years ago, a dream began to formulate in my mind. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, I thought, to work in a clinic in which several homeopaths and natural health professionals came together to serve the community in a truly unique way – one in which we each had our own area of specialty, or expertise, and could thus refer patients to the one practitioner that was the expert in providing for their unique needs?