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Time to step up to the plate!

Playing catch in the backyard is one thing. Tossing the ball to the dog is another thing. Participating in a wee game of ‘pick-up’ ball is yet another. But when it comes to playing in the Big Leagues, it takes a whole other set of skills, strategies, and support to make it happen.

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Reading for Success!

As I mentioned, I am an avid reader. What I read becomes a part of me and who I am, and I attribute much of my success in life and business to having surrounded myself with good books!

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Who Loves You Most?

So who loves you, baby? Your immediate list is probably filled with people like your mom, your spouse, your kids (as long as they aren’t teens!), your dog, and so forth. But I want you to expand your list for a moment. Grab a pen and think about your clients and your colleagues. Make a list of those who, if asked, would promptly say, “I LOVE that woman/man!”

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