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Are YOU in the top 10% in this industry?

The health and wellness industry is, you might say, pretty “full” in these parts. Driving down Oxford Street in London, you will see chiropractor’s offices, naturopath’s offices, followed by more chiropractors, RMTs, reflexologists, and more. And that’s just one street in one town! Read more

Your Business, Your Legacy

When I set out to become a homeopath, I had a vision. I imagined a world in which women (in particular) were supported and treated with the TLC that they deserved in the face of depression, anxiety, and recovery from trauma. I imagined that these women would use homeopathic medicine prescribed to them by me – and physicians like me —

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DMS: The disease that could be plaguing your business

Maybe it’s our deep desire to help others that allows us to put their needs and whims above our own. Maybe it is a sub-conscious belief that we are somehow “not as good” as those that practice western medicine. Maybe it’s because we have often been forced

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