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Erica Vandenbroek

Before meeting Rebecca, my business was a nonstop yo-yo. One month I’d be up with plenty of appointments and then the next I’d be down with only a handful of bookings. After being in business as a Registered Massage Therapist for almost 4yrs at that time, I was starting to mentally and emotionally burn out. “Why am I not getting ahead? I’m taking every client I can get and they love their progress. How much longer until things pick up? Will it be like this forever?” It was getting to a point where I wasn’t even sure I enjoyed the profession anymore. My college professors made it seem so easy. You just graduate, set up shop, make some business cards, and ‘poof’ you start using your skills and helping clients as they trample down your door. I received an email from a colleague who raved about a one day workshop starring a certain amazing woman. When I left the workshop, it felt like I had been re-energized and finally received the right information and tools to turn things around. I have been working with Rebecca for the last 5 months in the Rx-90 and the Master Mind personal coaching program and for the first time in my entire career I feel like I finally have a clear vision for my business. I now have a distinct ideal client, target market, and detailed plan of action that is actually designed for health professionals! I am so excited to see my dreams of being a successful business owner becoming a reality. Thank you so much Rebecca. Nothing is impossible when I have you in my corner!


Kathy Milliken’s

I could have continued seeing clients without Rebecca’s business coaching, but I wouldn’t be seeing my ideal clients. And I could have continued renting space without Rebecca’s business coaching, but I wouldn’t be making any money at it.

Since working with Rebecca, I have been able to identify my ideal clients, develop treatment protocols designed specifically for those clients and fill my practice with people I love working with. The work itself is more rewarding and my ideal clients help market my business by referring other ideal clients.

The most substantial change in my business since working with Rebecca concerned my rental property. Rebecca helped me realize that keeping studio space that required constant marketing and maintenance was draining me – literally and figuratively. Very reluctantly, I converted the studio into three more treatment rooms and could not believe the difference. I make three times as much money and have found the practitioners that rent the new offices share my values and core beliefs far more than short-term studio users did.

Above all else, Rebecca insists that we run our health-related businesses as businesses rather than as venues to trade for things we don’t necessarily want or need. Rebecca brings clarity and passion; both of which I truly appreciated.

“There are two kinds of people in the world; those who can extrapolate from incomplete data . . . ”

Kathy D. Milliken, M.A.
Owner / Practitioner
Withinsight Healing & Wellness Centre

Lisa Dennys

Working with Rebecca’s enthusiastic blend of caring, support, and bold ideas has helped me to identify and break through some of my key limiting beliefs and fears affecting the success of my business. I have been able to structure my services and fees in a way that better reflects the intense depth of client service that I enjoy providing. I feel so much more satisfied that how I work within my business is in clear alignment with who I am and what I value….and I’m really glad to be finally giving myself a paycheck every month, too!

Reclaim inner wisdom from your body and spirit. Refuel yourself and your life. Live your truth.

Lisa Dennys, B.SC.(OT), D.C.M., D.Ac., CPC
Certified Power Coach®
Medical Intuitive
Past Life Regression & Progression Facilitator

Keri Williams

I had been in practice for 3 years before working with Rebecca. My strategy for connecting with clients who would benefit from my services was pretty much non-existent, and as a result my practice struggled to get off the ground. Working with Rebecca was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business. I now have cohesive systems in place making my practice even more professional – and prosperous! My time is structured, I monitor my finances and my goals, I know who I am here to serve and I ensure that my external communications always have that group in mind. The implementation of a newsletter was a revelation, and I even had enquiries coming from the other side of the world after my first email was forwarded on! My income doubled by the end of the coaching, in large part I think from the clarity I got about who I’m on this earth to serve. Rebecca’s support and guidance was key to gain this clarity, and I am so grateful for having the opportunity to take part in the group coaching programme. Meeting other professional and dynamic women from around the world, who have since become friends was also a great resource. Having an active group of people on Facebook that you can run ideas past, and get feedback on issues like logo design, or websites was great. It really took the isolation out of self employment. Thank you!

Homeopathy, Iridology and Kinesiology Muscle Testing


Natasha Narayan

As a healthcare practitioner who is building her business, I want to make sure that I am getting the best and most relevant advice with a step by step methodology to get me from A-Z. There was a component of business management in my homeopathic program but not to the level of detail that I required. Plus that was school, I’m in the real world now.

I found Rebecca through a Making Your Practice Profitable seminar, and was impressed by her recognition by RBC as a leading female entrepreneur, the fact that she runs a multi-displinary clinic, and that she is a Homeopath….like me.

I enrolled in a 6 month group coaching program with Rebecca which includes ample 1-1 call time, group call time, weekly assignments and much more. Basically she is kicking my butt which I love! I now have someone who is helping me clear through the clutter of what to prioritise and keeping me focussed. Her authenticity and straightforwardness while being compassionate is exactly what I was looking for. Also, why would I re-invent the wheel when I don’t have to? This way, she keeps me on track with the practice management while I can focus on giving the best care to my patients.

Natasha Narayan, DCHM

Jennifer Alexander

Rebecca helped me take my business from an idea to reality. More than that, she helped me define business on my own-terms so that I was still able to be home with our wee man. I started my business in October 2012 . Rebecca’s suggestion of mailing out personal notes to warm leads helped my business take off. These notes secured many students for the classes I design. With teaching only one 1 hour class a week, in two months I brought in $1500.00. Making money teaching what I love is a dream come true, and Rebecca’s astute business advice, helped that dream take flight.

Jennifer AlexanderGlobal Awareness Educator/Mindfulness Consultant Infinite Life Learning



Ann Rich

Rebecca came at a point where I was considered “established” in my practice, but in reality I was “just floating by”. Outwardly it seemed that everything was going well, and to an extent it was; but what it really felt like was a slow drowning. Due to life events that had immense impact on both my work and personal life, I was unable to help create the direction I wanted to go. What I had struggled so long in building, seemed to be breaking down no matter what I tried.

That changed when I attended Rebecca’s One Day event. I left there with definitive strategies to start improving my business. After implementing them and the “YES” attitude Rebecca inspires, I had a few months of successful improvements, yet I knew I still needed to up my game. Coaching with Rebecca was my answer. Over the next year, she challenged me, forced me to focus, and most importantly heal from all the hurt and pain I had tried to mask while working unreasonable hours. That year not only transformed my mindset, but it has put my practice as my favorite place to be. The work is still challenging, but I relish in the process and the joy it brings. I’m a numbers gal, and while most don’t like talking the nitty-gritty; bottom line is working with Rebecca improved my gross income by 13k.

It’s not just about being happy in your work, it’s about living and being happy in all you do. Thank you Rebecca.

Jenny Ayliffe

I am grateful for Rebecca’s wisdom and experience. Through her group coaching, I have become one with a team of some amazing women –all in natural health! (some amazing health professionals too!) The support of the group has been invaluable; I am forever grateful for the group of women goddesses, and their strength and support.

Rebecca is holistic, in all that she does, so it is ideal for me to have her as a coach. Her passion is..profit (!) so that’s the kind of mentor that I need with business.. Seriously, she will help you turn your passion into prosperity. Working with Rebecca has not only helped me to discover and implement the tools for success..after a bit of time together, I can see things falling into alignment, exactly as they should.


Sheryl Cloes

Rebecca Liston is an amazing business coach with strong leadership abilities.  I am so grateful to be a part of her Business Master Mind Session.  She will guide you to success through leading by example. Rebecca doesn’t just “talk the talk, she has “walked the walk”.   From her experience, Rebecca created an ingenious 7 step process to help you make your practice profitable. Before working with Rebecca my business was well on its way to failing, as well as my hopes and dreams for my future.  Since working with Rebecca I have regained my focus, motivation, and believe, I know I can do this!  In the short time we have been working together my practice has turned around completely.  In the past few weeks, I have had more business and made more money than in the previous six months before!   My longtime dreams and goals are quickly becoming a reality.  Unfortunately, as physicians, we are not taught this invaluable information in school.  It would have saved me a lot of time, money and heartache.  I highly recommend this program, whether you are just beginning, stumbling along, or already an established business.   Thank you Rebecca!

Lisa Brooks

I have been a registered massage therapist for 4 years. During that time, I had no formal strategy in place and therefore, I felt I had to take on all clients that came my way in order to build my practice. I quickly became very frustrated.I decided that I needed help, and I joined Rebecca’s mastermind coaching program. I had absolutely no expectations of the program. When I came away from the first meeting with Rebecca and four other professionals, I had defined my ideal client, my domain address, pull marketing questions, and I had a contact for logo, business card, and website design. It was a brainstorming session like I had never experienced!! The mastermind coaching program gave me guidance and support from a group of professionals who have been where I am. Not to mention the ongoing support from Rebecca and the team. Thank you to all of you!! ~ Lisa Brooks, RMT

Elizabeth Galbraith

I want to thank you for a very informative and thought provoking seminar last Friday. Being new to the business and trying to feel my way through the maze of options and marketing strategies the timing of your event was perfect. Actually – it would have been perfect about 6 months ago as I have and am in the process of trying many things that you would not consider on the “to do” list. Implementing strategies proposed in your seminar will save me some valuable time and save me the heartache of learning the hard way. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge so openly and succinctly. It was a very informative and fun seminar. ~ Energy Works Naturally

Ashley Srokosz

Before I started working with Rebecca, I wanted to help everyone with everything, which theoretically is a great idea, but not so much for making a living as a Holistic Nutritionist. Rebecca has helped re-ignite the passion that went away for awhile when I felt that I could either be self-employed in my practice and go more into debt, or throw the towel in and make money at a “real” job. I have now defined my ideal client, and the prospect of helping people who really need me makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning (this wasn’t always the case when I was floundering). Before the end of Rebecca’s three month program has finished, I have already booked my first ideal client, asked for way more than I thought I would get paid, and actually GOT paid, in full, up front! I now have a clear picture of where I want my practice to be in 3 months, 1 year, and 5 years (P.S. it involves 6 figures and a book!), and am truly focused on getting there. Thank you, thank you, thank you Rebecca!

Ashley Srokosz, RHN, Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Love What You Eat

Elizabeth Farr

I loved the coaching experience! I walked away more focused and driven to succeed. I  immediately put into action all of your suggestions and strategic business points. Your knowledge for success is well worth the investment and in one day your guidance has set the stage for immediate profit. Thank-you Rebecca, you are a valuable asset to my business, with you by my side I know I will take my business far beyond my own expectations! ~ Face of Hope

Earlene Wernham

I attended Rebecca Liston’s Business Boosting Seminar recently. I found the seminar to be very useful with helping me to refocus on the direction that I need to take with my Homeopathic Practice. Thanks Rebecca, I needed a gentle push in the right direction. I would recommend Rebecca’s Business Seminar to other Business Professionals who need help with the direction in which their business needs to go. ~ The Homeopathy Centre

Cheryl Pattyn

I had the pleasure of attending a one day mastermind-like group with Rebecca and 3 other health care professionals.  It was a fantastic experience that got down to the nitty-gritty of who we are and what it is that we exactly want.  Being able to bounce ideas off other people who are not judgmental but willing to tell you straight up was great.  Rebecca kept the day focused and on track so everyone’s individual needs/concerns/questions got addressed and answered. Thanks Rebecca. ~ Positive Image Personal Training

Amanda Brown

“Since working with Rebecca, I have been able to triple the size of my Homeopathic Practice, and quadruple my income. This would not have been achievable, if I had not identified my ideal patient with the assistance of Rebecca. While identifying my ideal patient, I worked one-on-one with Rebecca. We used several different strategies to achieve my vision; my favourite strategy was the white board. We wrote down my ideas and words that depicted my ideal patient and because I am extremely visual, this process was the perfect fit. After many hours of laughter, and some tears, I have an ideal patient that makes my heart sing! While I was building my practice from the ground up with ideal patients, I could not have asked for a more supportive and knowledgeable mentor. She was my greatest cheerleader!”

Amanda Brown ~ Homeopathic Physician