Steamy Secrets of My Number One Passion

Those of you who know me knew it was only a matter of time before I managed to talk about passion in relationship to business.

Somehow or another, I seem to be able to bring just about any topic back to the bedroom, and business is no exception!

You see I am a highly passionate kind of gal — always have been. It’s my nature. And I have come to understand that passion serves me very well in business. Without passion, well, I would have quit doing what I do long ago.

Passion is the fuel that feeds me, that keeps me going when I want to give up, that pushes me to excel and learn and grow. Passion is what keeps me on the move, inspires me to bust through all of my perceived limitations, and causes me to strive that wee bit harder thus making the difference between a mediocre life and an extraordinary one. Passion is the spark that lights me up from within so that I radiate with confidence and strength, warmth and compassion, and desire for all things divine.

But just what is my number one passion? Learning? Travel? Wine? Sex?

Well, my number one passion of all is…prosperity.

With prosperity comes the ability to travel, educate my children, eat delicious food, and experience the fullness of life that comes from giving to others. Prosperity, for me, means the ability to change the lives of others in big ways – food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, support, and love are but some of the things that I, as a prosperous business owner, can provide and “make happen.” And nothing, not even great sex, feels better than that.

So just what are the steamy secrets behind my passion for prosperity? (I did promise a steamy secret or two, didn’t I?)

1. It took me a long time to recognize what my number one passion really is. I uncovered it by getting in touch with myself on a very deep level. This was something that had to be done alone…no partner involved…because it really is all about me in this case!

2. I had to remove all barriers that might have stopped this passion from being conceived. I had to break down my fears of the opinions of others and I had to embrace my unique passion with open arms.

3. I had to fall into love with my passion completely and without reservation. I had to admire it and understand its pitfalls as well as its gifts. I had to accept my passion with unconditional love.

4. I had to be willing to bring this passion into the open, to reveal it to the world, and as such, be willing to bare my soul. Passion requires that of us. It is deeply moving to follow your passion, and our softest bits are vulnerable.

You see, passion is a very personal thing that can affect all aspects of our lives, even our businesses. I encourage you to explore your own passions. What are they? Where can you bring them forth to support you as you build your business? And believe me when I say that you can take your passion from the bedroom to the boardroom…and birth the business of your dreams!

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