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Three things you must do this summer to boost profits

After a while I get a bit tired of hearing the same old refrain from my colleagues about the summer months. “It’s summer. It’s going to be so slow. Everyone is away. No one wants to come in for treatment.” You know why I get so tired of hearing it? Because in my world, it’s simply not true. Today I am going to share with you three simple, tried-tested-and-true ways to boost your profits this summer so you can reap the rewards all year long! I hate double negatives, but the truth is that you simply can’t afford NOT to implement them right away!
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Stop living these myths or else!

STOP living these myths or else!

I have heard all about “tough love” tactics in parenting and now I find myself in a position to use them with you today. It’s out of love that I want to address these myths that seem to be plaguing our industry, these myths that you are living, these lies that you are perpetuating because, frankly, they are ruining your health and your ability to prosper! So know that this article will ruffle your feathers, know that you might get a bit cranky with me, but trust that I speak the truth of experience, and hear me out.

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