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I cannot continue to do this

Talk to a midwife, entertain a doula for lunch, or read any book ever written about child birth and you will find a great deal of information about something called “transition.”

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Wasn’t that a party?

So it started with an idea, this 10 year celebration of mine, and grew into an extraordinary experience for all who attended! As the guests arrived at Aroma Restaurant, they were greeted with flutes of sparkling wine. We gathered together in the Wine Room, and the laughter flowed as much as the wine did that day!
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Who is the expert here?


There is a recurring theme among my coaching clients and it goes like this: “Why would anyone want to listen to what I have to say? I don’t know much of anything. And really, who would ever pay ME that much money for my services? There is no way I can charge that much!” Which always causes me to ask, “Just who is the expert here? You or them?”
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